Friday, November 17th, 2017

2:00-3:00pm "Global Manifestoes" Workshop, Call for public participation
3:00pm Welcome by John Zarobell, symposium convener
3:15-5:15pm “Government vs. Private Support of the Arts”
Moderator, Marjorie Schwarzer (USF)

How is the global growth of private wealth changing the world’s art landscape?

Have we come to the end of an era for government-funded institutions?

What role can governments and private collectors play in generating an engaging artistic community in their country or city?

Celenk Bafra, Istanbul
Cho Rao, Delhi/San Francisco
Grace Murray, Doha/Washington D.C.

5:15-6:30pm Reception following 



Saturday, November 18th, 2017

11:00-12:00pm "Global Manifestoes" Workshop, Call for public participation

12:00-2:00pm “The Growth and Impact of Nonprofits and Artist Collectives”
Moderator, Deena Chalabi (SFMOMA)

What are the alternatives to the market in the art world?

How have artists and other arts professionals generated critical frameworks outside of mainstream art institutions?

Has the proliferation of arts nonprofits or artist-run spaces helped to promote a broader public engagement with contemporary art?

Michelle Wong, Hong Kong
Kai Lossgott, Johannesburg
Emma Rogers, Istanbul/Marfa

2:30-4:30pm “Formal and Informal Economies of Collecting Art”
Moderator, Enrique Chagoya (Stanford University)
How have collectors impacted the market and the institutional framework for the arts?

Which artistic and collecting practices fall outside of “the market” as it is currently

What are the illicit dimensions of the art market and how have these come to light?

Mariana David, Mexico City
Lucia Cantero, Rio de Janeiro/San Francisco


5-6:30pm Tour of nonprofits in the Mission with Christo Oropeza (Incline Gallery)
Incline Gallery, 766 Valencia Street, San Francisco

6:30 pm
Reception and performance

  Incline Gallery, San Francisco. Photo: John Zarobell

Incline Gallery, San Francisco. Photo: John Zarobell